Let it Grow! The incubation Programme for Green Projects

Starting as a green entrepreneur seems to be a challenging task for new-players in the deeply complex and specialized world of agribusiness -as I can endorse as a freshly initiated urban farmer in Rotterdam-. Thankfully, we are surrounded by unlimited knowledge, experience and expertise to bring our ideas beyond our imagination and that’s where our initiative makes a difference.


I realised that The Netherlands is one of those places where innovation + hard work + well-thought ideas converged with opportunities, resources and a great deal of enthusiasm -which explains the country’s unique position as a business partner-. In this conducive environment is not a big surprise to come across with fantastic initiatives to foster newly created ventures, as I have found out. This is the case of Let it Grow, a 5 months incubation Programme designed to develop further green projects in urban areas and tender-based competition for innovative ideas.


When I learnt about this Programme I got totally grabbed by the idea of being part of it! Luckily for me, this finding prompted me to think thoroughly about my ambitions as urban farmer and decided to explore the prospects of my dreams and share them with this Programme…. A few weeks later and dozens of cups of coffee in my system, I finally submitted my application to this engaging Programme / Competition.


Regardless of the results, this exercise will definitely become a crucial stepping stone to build a sound path for this amazing universe!


Below: A former participant of the 2016 Let it Grow! Competition (Incubation Programme Class 1)

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